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Candidate Services - Resources

The Connexions team would be the first to be notified of a new job openings and would be happy to alert you if there is a match. We have on board consultants who specialize in respective industrial domains to advice you on career-related matters. We will schedule interviews with top recruiters based on our assessment of your short and long-term career objectives, follow up with the recruits and keep you informed and involved in the search process. Among the services we offer are:

  • Make a strategic plan for your job search
  • Help you build your personal network
  • Help you develop a winning resume with an effective cover letters
  • Help you prepare for your interview
  • Evaluate and guide on the final job selection

Our mission is to be a bridge between the employee and employer. We are fully aware that a relationship built on trust lasts longest and benefits all. Our approach is one of partnership and consultation with our clients in order to provide the best career advice to the candidates.

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