The best strategy that works
is a staffing strategy

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We match your business needs with professional resources

Headquartered in Novi, MI, American Technology Connexions (ATCXS) is a full-suit staffing solutions consultancy. We have a strong reputation in aligning clients' hiring practices to their business strategy. Our end-to-end services span the entire staffing spectrum – from selection to competency mapping to final hiring and strategic staff planning.

At Connexions, we match Resources with Business Requirements. We put in places all the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. We solve the ancient Rubik cube puzzle. And, we are able to do that by making the right connections.

We take immense pride in providing a high level of service, delivering effective solutions and fostering strong and meaningful relationships between clients and candidates. Our niche is cross-cultural staffing solutions, with special focus on delivering customised hiring solutions, across industries, across business domains and across geographies.

We help clients make a huge mindset leap, leverage skill arbitrage, do behaviour alignment, spot, hire, deploy, compensate, reward and retain key personnel at entry, lateral or senior rung positions - before implementing a new or existing project.

Connexions works closely with clients on all aspects of employment, from providing a wide range of individual support services to working at enterprise level in benchmarking organization's key people policies and practices and establishing their employer brand and evolving a staffing strategy that keeps pace with their objective of expanding their organizational capabilities and effectiveness.


Our team comprises of very senior level and experienced executive search consultants. Our organization is driven by a strong core of people-centric values. Our recruiters are savvy business leaders, who have worked for over decades in their respective industries. They are thought leaders in their respective sectors and participate in key industry events. They are clued in with all the latest industry demands and staffing practices and are in a very strong position to connect exceptional talent with great employer brands.

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