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Candidate Services - Consulting On Demand

There can be crests and troughs in demand for qualified resources in any growing industry. Connexions is sensitive to these needs and can support you with flexible staffing solutions during times of increased workload. We recruit for a variety of roles, including project managers, integration architects, network engineers, functional and workflow analysts, and can help you build your dream support teams in no time.

At Connexions, we believe that a candidate understands his needs – and how he wants to have those addressed - better than anyone else. Therefore, we give complete leeway in letting you choose the kind of career support you want from us. We don't offer solutions top-down. Rather we tailor them bottom-up, as per your individual needs.

Our biggest attraction is "On call" opportunities. You can register for project work with us to gain hands-on experience on a variety of projects. This is a specialist service that no other consultancy offers and it helps meet the flexible needs of a candidate, who wants both a fixed and a variable component in their earning package. Some win-win features of this service include:

  • Access to freelance, remote, onsite project work
  • A job you can negotiate on your own terms
  • Get paid by the clock and work by your clock
  • Put your unused skills to good use
  • Be part of a team where you can make extra money because you have the skill sets

Last but not the least, you will discover that the Connexions Team gives you its undivided, personal attention – we actually listen! In doing this and more, we also assure you of complete privacy. We will never swap your personal information with an unauthorized third-party, without your explicit, written consent.

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